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Face2Face English Course First Edition

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face2face is a general English course for students who want to learn how to communicate quickly and effectively in an English-speaking environment. It combines the best in current EFL methodology with innovative new features designed to make learning and teaching easier.

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There is a strong emphasis on speaking and listening throughout the course, and the practice activities in each lesson provide frequent opportunities for realistic, natural interaction. The course seeks to fully engage the students at every stage of the lesson, and its approach to new language draws on what students have already learned and encourages them to work out rules of grammar and usage themselves. We believe that face2face provides the right balance of topics, language and activities that students and teachers want from a course in today’s world.

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Face2Face Elementary Student & Work PDF Book

Face2Face Elementary Audio Files

Face2Face Elementary Interactive Software

Face2Face Pre-Intermediate Student & Work PDF Book

Face2Face Pre-Intermediate Audio Files

Face2Face Pre-Intermediate Interactive Software

Face2Face Intermediate Student & Work PDF Book

Face2Face Intermediate Audio Files

Face2Face Intermediate Interactive Software

Face2Face Upper-Intermediate Student & Work PDF Book

Face2Face Upper-Intermediate Audio Files

Face2Face Upper-Intermediate Interactive Software


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