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Viewpoint Student and Audio Files Download

Viewpoint Student and Audio Files

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Viewpoint 1 Student Book , Viewpoint 2 Student Book , Viewpoint 1 Audio Files and Viewpoint 2 Video Files are available in this post.Touchstone Books have been uploaded before.

Viewpoint is a two-level series in American English for adults and young adults and a fully-flexible program with proven results that is published by Cambridge University Press.

Viewpoint follows on from the Touchstone series,written by the same author team. Viewpoint is an innovative course that’s based on extensive research into the Cambridge English Corpus, taking students to a higher level of proficiency to become effective communicators.

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Viewpoint 1 Student Book PDF

Viewpoint 1 Audio Files

Viewpoint 2 Student Book PDF

Viewpoint 2 Audio Files


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