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Summit Second Edition Download

Summit Second Edition

Summit is a two-level course followed by Top Notch Series published by Pearson Education Press.Student , Work and Teacher books ,Audio files,Active teach and Active book are included in this post.

summit 2 second edition

Summit 2nd Edition:

  • Build fluency with model conversations and extensive opportunities for role play, discussion, debate, class presentations, and collaborative projects.
  • Prepare their comprehension of authentic materials through critical thinking skills and reading and listening strategies.
  • Build accuracy through intensive coverage of grammar, pronunciation, word skills, and writing conventions.
  • Ensure learners’ motivation using goals-and-achievement-based lessons, see the progress!

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  1. Summit_1_SB_PDF
  2. .Summit_1_SB_Audio
  3. Summit_1_2nd_WB_PDF
  4. Summit_1_TB_PDF
  5. Summit_1_ActiveBook_CDROM
  6. Summit_1_ActiveTeach_CDROM
  7. Summit_2_SB_PDF
  8. Summit_2 SB_Audio
  9. Summit_2_WB_PDF
  10. Summit_2_TB_PDF
  11. Summit_2_ActiveBook
  12. Summit_2_ActiveTeach

*** Files are Password Protected and the Password is ***


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